Sunday, July 13, 2014

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With television and the newspapers being constantly full of sorrowful  and frightening events and television so full of sex and violence, every so often I need to read one of Debbie Macomber’s books.
Macomber lives in Washington State in the beautiful Kitsap Peninsula. By ferry, it’s an easy ride from Seattle and is an area of great beauty. Many of her novels are set in and around Seattle and her latest novels called The Rose Harbor series are truly balm to the soul.   

I had never read a Debbie Macomber book when I picked up the second book in this series titled, “The Inn at Rose Harbour,” but I had noted that she is a very popular author. I chose this book for a summer read a couple of years ago and enjoyed it so much I’ve been following Debbie ever since.

The premise for “The Inn at Rose Harbour” was that after less than a year of marriage, Jo Marie Rose lost the love of her life in a tragic accident in Afghanistan. To try to cure her heartbreak she decides to embark on a new life, using the insurance money to buy a Bed and Breakfast. She finds the perfect spot in the small town of Cedar Cove on the Kitsap Peninsula. The town is probably modeled to some extent after the town of Port Orchard, Washington where Macomber actually lives.

Jo Marie loves her new home and soon makes friends with many of the welcoming residents. When her first two guests arrive with profound problems of their own, Jo Marie throws herself into providing them with a happy sojourn, and in so doing, finds solace for herself.

It's not a page-turner but Ms. Macomber's writing is lovely and descriptive. I found it easy to imagine myself in the setting. It's a soothing sort of read and I'm sure many people would find it enjoyable. So I was happy when this summer, Amazon Vine offered me a copy of her latest novel in the series titled, “Love Letters.”

Since I was already familiar with the setting and the protagonist, Jo Marie Rose, I was happy to see her coming to terms with her new life. Her B&B is in full swing and this book deals with two romances that need the encouragement that a stay at the Rose Inn seems to offer.

Also in this volume, Jo Marie's handyman, Mark Taylor is still in the picture and we are beginning to learn a little more about him. From the ending, it does seem, as though there will be a sequel. So, looking forward to that. Although it helps to have read the earlier ones, the first time reader will still enjoy this novel

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