Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Catching up

The biggest problem I've discovered about being a senior is that it gets more difficult to multi-task. So, since I've been working very diligently on my sequel to "The Silk Weaver's Daughter," I haven't had much time to keep up with my blogging, although I still have been reading and reviewing books for Amazon.

Here's a great new summer read by the author of the Hangman's Daughter series. As explained below,  I found it extremely interesting although perhaps not his best effort.

“Only last year my husband and I toured Germany and visited both the Linderhof and Neuschwanstein Castles built in the 1800s by Ludwig II of Bavaria so I was excited about reading "The Ludwig Conspiracy"  Potzsch’s latest novel set around the mysterious death of the so-called mad king.

 Having read all four books of his Hangman series, I was slightly disappointed in this venture into a modern day thriller. The author does handle the weaving together of the two plotlines very well, but occasionally the narration doesn’t quite pull it off. The execution wasn’t quite as sophisticated as his earlier works. Perhaps it loses something in translation.

The character of Steven Lukas is well drawn and I found myself pulling for him all the way. The art detective, Sarah Lengfeldt was not so believable. Some of her scenes to me seemed stilted and contrived, particularly those at Linderhof.

Nevertheless, Potzsch is a master of plotline and pacing and the story kept me turning pages until the end. He is still on my personal list of favorite writers of the 21st century.“

The picture below left is Neuschwanstein. On the right is Linderhof Castle.