Sunday, June 29, 2014

iPads for the Older and Wiser

If you are a senior who really wants to get a tablet and are thinking about an Apple product, "iPads for the Older and Wiser" is  a great book.

I received it prior to purchasing my iPad mini and the very first chapter saved me from making an expensive mistake. I had thought that the cheapest model would be good enough for me in this learning stage. However, under the section entitled “which generation if iPad to choose” I discovered that the cheaper model did not have a Retina Display. Retina display enables text and images to be much sharper, and high definition videos can be played at their full quality on these models. Not only that, but the camera on the cheaper model is not as good as the one on the iPad mini with Retina Display. So that was important to me.

The book has an excellent selection of chapters dealing with things such as ‘browsing the web,’ ‘adding music and video,’ ‘using apps on your iPad,’ and a very important chapter on ‘finding your way with Maps.’ Apple has replaced Google Maps with its own Apple Maps or you can download the Google Maps App if you prefer. But Apple Maps works with Siri and has a great 3D view section called FlyOver that works as well.

At the end of each chapter is a Summary and a section called Brain Training, which helps to reaffirm all the information in that chapter. As you go through the book, you keep adding to the knowledge and the skills you’ve already acquired. 

As far as I’m concerned, this little manual is the best thing since apple pie. 

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