Monday, June 4, 2012

Some Reviews for "The Daughter"

Happy to say that my book is receiving some very nice  reviews on Here are the two latest:

Ms. Kales reached back in time and used some history to write a wonderful story. The Silk Weaver's Daughter, a tale for adults of all ages, allows the reader to feel the joy and anguish of the Huguenots during the difficult days of their upheaval. Religious coercion forces many to leave their beloved country and find a new life. Although the characters are driven to action by their beliefs, this book is really a love story; a story of people under duress; a story of how their strength and fortitude allow them to survive. Okay Ms Kales we're hooked, where's the sequel.

One of the nicest things about the book was the care the author put in to researching it. It kept it believable and interesting, and a bit educational. Enjoyable characters who grow through the story. The conflicts are not long and drawn out, but it adds a bit of refreshment from the current need to have one major crisis after another. It was a pleasurable read, something that leaves the reader satisfied -- there is some interesting history that allows for a little enlightenment of the time period and good, realistic characters that you can feel for. A good way to relax and enjoy.

It's very satisfying to write a book and realize that at least a portion of the public like your story. Of course, one always realizes that not everyone will and that is a chance you take as an author. You rather put yourself out there for criticism and you definitely have to develop a thick skin.
But so far, I'm very happy for the response I've had. My target audience is history lovers and I will keep writing for them.  

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