Friday, June 19, 2009

Fame and Deceit

My writer friend, Patti Brook had to put down one of her favourite horses this month. It was a serious blow to her, as she has been riding all her life and she and her husband run a stable in the New England equestrian circuit. She still cries when she thinks of it.

I met Patti on an on-line writing workshop and we have been on-line friends ever since. Although there are many ranches and riding schools in B.C., personally, I’ve only ever ridden once in my life. However, I do think it must be wonderful to be accomplished at it. My one and only experience was in Banff National Park. We were on a camping trip with two other couples and we girls decided to go riding while the fellows tried their hands at canoeing. The steeds we were given were almost in the “nag” category. Later when I showed the picture to a family with children, the little girl laughed and said, “That horsey sleeping.” She pretty much got that right, but it was definitely the best speed for me.

But I digress. Patti’s book “Fame and Deceit” was published this spring and, as an Amazon Vine reviewer, I did a review for it. I’m posting it here as I’m sure, if you follow the equestrian circuit, you will love this book. It’s the first in a mystery series about a horse trainer named Ike Cherney.

“As a protagonist, Ike Cherney is not easy to understand at first. He’s the type of man mothers warn their daughters about. Good looking, arrogant and as much a stud as the stallions he profiles. While testosterone flows freely in this fast paced novel, our hero seems to care more for the horses in his charge than any of his numerous female admirers.
But as he strives to turn the blue blooded horses on his employer’s stud farm into world class show horses and his stable of two-legged fillies keep on handing him problems, we begin to identify with him. First, Lisa, the one woman he may have truly loved, departs leaving only a note; then, Billie, his assistant trainer with a temper to match her red hair, starts coming on a little too strong; and finally the body of his newest conquest, is found floating in a nearby river. An autopsy reveals that she was two months pregnant and Ike wonders if the child could have been his. At this point we begin to comprehend this complicated man.

It’s not only the women in Ike’s life that give him trouble. He has reason to wonder if the owner of the stable is involved in something highly illegal and, as well, clergymen in the area are being murdered and the finger points to one of his women. “Fame and Deceit” is a well-written and exciting look into the fascinating world of breeding stables and world class horsemanship--a world with which both the author and her husband are totally familiar. With her inimitable writing style, it’s not only lovers of fine horseflesh who will enjoy this book.”
This is a very enjoyable book for light summer reading.

Here is a link to Patti’s website:

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